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Support "I am Gold" – A Docudrama Celebrating African Women's Empowerment

Join us in bringing „I am Gold“ to life, a powerful docudrama that unfolds the inner treasures of Africa through the eyes of a strong African woman. This film is not just a cinematic journey but a movement that aims to reshape perceptions of African culture and identity, emphasizing self-determination, dignity, and the untapped potential of African women.

Our Vision

„I am Gold“ aims to boost the self-confidence and societal value of African women by showcasing their immense potential and resources. Guided by the narrative of a Eastern African female character, the film encourages audiences to recognize and utilize their abilities, advocating for a sovereign existence and true self-empowerment.

The Story We Want to Tell

Using gold as a central metaphor, the film highlights both the material wealth of Africa and the intrinsic value of its people. „I am Gold“ delves into themes of oral tradition, material culture, dignity, power struggles, and cultural and religious aspects, the importance of education and self-development, particularly for young women.

Why This Matters

We believe education is the key to self-determination and societal development. „I am Gold“ aims to educate European audiences, particularly in Germany and Thuringia, about the rich cultural heritage and history of Africa. By highlighting the critical role of women’s education, we hope to inspire a shift towards fairer living conditions and reduced corruption.

Our Ambitious Goal

With the expertise of award-winning filmmakers Stephan Witthöft and Fagus Pauly from Fagus Film, we aim to produce this film in multiple languages and formats, making it accessible to a global audience. We plan to share „I am Gold“ through social media, cinema, and international competitions, reaching both African audiences and viewers worldwide.

„I am Gold“ is more than a film; it’s a call to action. Help us create a narrative that resonates emotionally and intellectually, inspiring a global audience to appreciate the dignity and untapped potential of Africa and its people. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter, more equitable future.

Your support will help us:

  • Create a film that inspires and educates

  • Promote the self-confidence and societal value of African women

  • Advocate for the importance of education and self-development

  • Challenge and change outdated perceptions of African culture and identity

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Your contribution will make a significant impact. Let’s empower African women and celebrate the richness of Africa’s cultural and spiritual values. Donate today and be part of a movement that champions education, self-determination, and true sovereignty.